Achieve Predictable
Results from IT


Using our proprietary process we can guarantee our services!

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Crystalink will review your plan: Give you a written critique, an itemized list of deficiencies, a list of out of date information, a prioritized list of recommendations, and make sure you know where your “DR box” is at… All for $1995! Contact Crystalink for assistance. Click Here!

IT Management

Management of IT is one of the core competency of Crystalink. Our process and methodology along with practical techniques virtually guarantee predictable results. Crystalink can join your team, train your team, or become your team. To determine the best approach we recommend performing one of the following:


A free audit (a $1000 value) will determine your trouble spots and help prioritize what to change first to get the most improvement from your team. To request your free audit click here.


Crystalink can do an assessment of a specific project to help you find problem areas before they happen, or to help with a mid-project adjustment. To receive information on an assessment click here.


Do you need help determining which technology to use? Do you want to ensure that you don't fall prey to "the latest craze"? Do you need help in determining the ROI (Return on Investment)? Crystalink can help, click here to request additional information.


Once your project is defined, in progress, or just a thought we can supplement your team with members or management. We can become your team or we can advice and consult. Our process and methodology ensures predictable results for your project. Using this methodology you will be able to easily predict the operational milestones from the implementation. For help with an implementation or more information click here.

Technical Consulting

Crystalink uses a proprietary set of techniques which guarantee predictable results. We can help you improve the predictability of your projects. Our team of consultants can do spot assistance, or help during the entire project. For more information, click here.

Project Management

The Crystalink team of qualified Project Managers can help you with your projects. Our proprietary process and methodology ensures predictable results, and can easily be adapted to use with your chosen methods. For help with a project, or more information click here.

Executive Support

Crystalink provided executive support including Strategic Planning, IT Management, as well as outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer). We can provide short or long term support. Do you need a CIO to get back on track? Do you want executive support to fulfill a board requirement? Do you need help, but not full time? Contact us, we can provide affordable solutions, click here for more information.

Business Plan Preparation and Review

Crystalink can provide over 10 years experience writing and reviewing Business Plans. We specialize in Pro Forma or financial projections. Our customized approach will ensure that your plan stands out amoung the many investors and bankers are reviewing. For more information click here.

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